Welcome Packets

We know that information about sports sometimes feels like it's hidden behind a dark curtain, shared only with people already connected to the sport or "in the know." To combat this and make all of our sports as welcoming and accessible to as many families as possible, we have created sport-specific Welcome Packets. 

These are designed to answer all of your questions about when a sport's pre-season really starts, what to expect at competitions, and what equipment your child will need. Use these guides to help plan your family's schedule and budget as you determine whether a new sport will fit into your lives. 

Please let us know if you think there is relevant information that should be added to the packets and we'll try our best to do so. Note that some of the packets (especially for Winter and Spring sports) are still in the process of being completed.

Fall Sports 

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Thank you to the many coaches and parents who helped us put these packets together!

If you have experience with one of these sports, especially one whose packet is not yet completed, and are able to help out, please let us know at the email below.